An Immodest Prescription for Our White Rabbit Age

Rev. Steve Schlissel - November 3, 2017

What do I mean by White Rabbit Age?

I mean what Grace Slick meant when she sang about a place/time where “logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead.” That’s as apt a description of the gliberal mind–and its newspapers–as might be offered. Put another way, it is the mind behind the modern American newspaper: sloppy dead. What would an alternative paper, or a cured paper look like? Here’s some of what’s needed in an efficacious Rx.

We are looking for a newspaper with clear and clearly stated, fair, historically informed, sane and honorable principles and policies (and practices). A paper overseen by and staffed with gifted reporters/writers, who passionately LOVE America–her Founding Fathers and her foundational documents, including the explicit and implicit Christian cultural presuppositions evidenced therein–yet who are mature souls whose love is not blind, naive or chauvinistic.

Integrity has been absent from us and our news sources for decades. We earnestly desire that a periodical zealous simply to report news–content to leave what’s done thereafter with a truth-informed populace–begin publication asap, funded by wise conservative money under the control of wise men (and women) who recognize how neglect of this essential component (essential, yes, for any independent republic which would continue breathing free) has hastened our demise. Want of truth hastened, but the lies and manipulations standing in Truth’s place have spearheaded and directed that demise. The societal disintegration we witness is not simply aided by the false narratives in firm control of every major news purveyor today, but the want of TRUTH plainly spoken–and the lies promoted in truth’s place–must be recognized the chief means of prodding, guiding and accomplishing our destruction–as much as or more than any and all political activity. After all, if politicians have abandoned principles in favor of the latest opinion polls and focus groups, what ought we to expect when the ONLY shapers of those opinions are degenerate, statist devotees of tyranny? Haven’t the people been left long enough without a printed alternative?

The policies guiding such a new newspaper would include:  In addition to organizing the news by Local, Regional, National, International and the normal topics, the newspaper would further distinguish between NEW stories (as in, since the last edition, viz., yesterday/today) and older, i.e., continuing stories. Why? Because, as policy, EVERY item reported in the “new” news section would STRICTLY limit reporting to the FACTS (who, what, where, etc.), without opinion, speculation, prognostication, sermonization, or implication. No “connecting the dots” for us poor ignoramuses.

This, of course, constitutes as radical a change as one could imagine, but it is a change that would find a news source reporting NEWS to a constituency treated like FREE ADULTS who may be left to form their own opinions. This change makes for a stark contrast with the way mainstream media function today, no? Today, from the choice of material to its presentation and manipulation, “news” is completely commoditized, shaped, pared, puffed as needed, forced to serve a dishonest, despicable, gliberal, God-hating, America-despising anti-sanity agenda. NOTHING makes its way into today’s paper which has not been chosen for its utility as, or bent so as to serve as, A WEAPON.

Just imagine how unbelievably refreshing it would be to sit down with a newspaper which has chosen NEWS for its news and disciplined itself to REPORT the same AS news. Somebody, please, find the money and start a paper committed to this prescription. Then I’ll begin saving for a recliner I can relax in to read. Otherwise we’ll all need prescriptions for tranquilizers if we plan to continue reading. So, what’ll it be? Which way is that White Rabbit heading–toward Truth… or Prozac?

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