Associated Press Reports: “Key Dems Meet About An ‘About Face’ In Hushed West Coast Meeting”

Rev. Steve Schlissel - April 1, 2019

Over the past weekend, an unpublicized meeting of top leaders of the Democratic National Committee, along with more than a dozen long-term democratic officeholders from the House and Senate, met at a hotel in Eastern Oregon to discuss what they feared might be a “long term disenfranchisement from power” their party will suffer, “if we don’t make some big changes quickly.”

Organizers of the meeting had kept it (and its agenda) off the radar until today. “We were afraid of its being derailed even before it got started,” explained Congresswoman Ellie Abromowitz (D, Ore.), one of several meeting-planners, but now the group’s designated spokesperson. Abromowitz said she invited AP to conduct the interview “the moment our meeting ended.”

“Basically,” Abromowitz continued, “some of us serving in Washington have become convinced that the left-of-center appearance which Americans now have of the Democratic Party, that image is sufficient in itself to alienate huge blocks of voters both in 2020 and 2022, possibly resulting in the loss of not less than four Senate seats and at least 17 Congressional seats. Those are conservative estimates of expected losses,” she said, “according to our polling.”

“The new crop of freshman Congresspersons seated this past January, marks a radical departure from previous classes—and worse, from our historic base, our meat and potato supporters. These new radicals should not be coddled but must be taught—by us Democrats–to remain in-line with explicit Democratic platforms and planks, not to mention the US Constitution. We ourselves must erase the impression that our party is a welcome center for nuts and lunatics. This meeting was called to discuss how we could quiet the troublemakers while broadening our appeal. We are determined now to accomplish this by remaking the party into something really radical: Truth-tellers.”

According to Abromowitz, plans were made to launch the “truth campaign” with a series of frank admissions about things Democrats have recently gotten wrong. “Above all things, we must be adamant that the Mueller probe was a bad idea in the beginning and has now turned into an unmitigated disaster. The whole thing blew up in our faces, making it appear that Democrats are willing to say or do anything for the sake of gaining power. To counteract that impression will be the biggest challenge facing our party leading up to the 2020 election.”

Other matters being considered for a truth review include “a plain and frank admission that Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election fair and square and is our only President.” But that isn’t the most surprising resolve of the weekend. “We have expressed a willingness to reopen investigations into Hillary Clinton’s alleged felonies involving her server and government secrecy policy, as well as the apparent ‘pay for play’ schemes which occurred on her watch as Secretary of State. We also insisted upon a redirection of the attention of House and Senate committees from Trump minutiae to the far more pressing threat to our Republic which came about by power abuses of the Justice Department and the FBI leading up to and following the 2016 election.”

Whether this new face of Democrats will be seen past the initial announcement may be in doubt. For Abromowitz reported, “As soon as the meeting ended our hotel was almost surrounded by former FBI agents in body gear.” While no one was arrested or directly threatened, that presence, “formed an intimidating barrier all attendees had to brave through on their way to the airport.”

One attendee had mused, “After the way we weaponized the Justice Department, frankly, I’m scared of a payback.”

Abromowitz believes the sentiment that was sufficient to induce participants to turn over a new leaf and begin a truth-telling campaign was strong enough to sustain the party through any short-term rough spots “We’ve lost a lot of credibility. If we are ever to gain it back, it’s got to begin with truth and our firm resolve to tell it.”

The reader is reminded that the above new was reported on April 1.

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