Endowed by the Supremes

Rev. Steve Schlissel - May 13, 2020

1) The most consequential element of this news preview from the 5/12/20 WSJ, is the ominous and revealing choice of words used to frame it. As a departure from our founding principles, this extends it to 180°. The Declaration unambiguously grounds our freedom in *God* alone, the SOLE and original bestower of genuine rights.  The institutions which FREE men then form–especially *Christian* free men, according to the explicit assertions made in most State Constitutions –the institutions formed into governments are said to be for the purpose of guarding and preserving THOSE GOD-GIVEN rights. But it’s come to this: a plain declaration by the nation’s leading newspaper holds the Supreme Court now to be in possession of the power to grant to churches their freedom, and to define–without reference to God’s Law–the limits of those freedoms. If this were true, the entire American experiment may truly be said to have expired.

2) Though the same obnoxious and ignorant presumptions are found in the fuller Page 3 story, it seems pretty clear that in THIS particular instance, the Court will find for the churches. At issue is the right of religious organizations to set the terms and conditions for  employees’ hiring and tenure, i.e., to determine what considerations the church uses in determining whether particular employees are likely to contribute to or hinder the achieving of the church’s goals. You may expect all conservatives and one or more NYTwit justices to sign on to the correct decision.

3) Yet, if the decision is made upon the outrageous premise indicated in the preview–that it is the Court which confers freedom–then it is only a matter of time for the following to become the reality of the United States: In 1962 the Supremes said acts associated with religion are unfit to be present on any of THEIR turf. But when the winds are favorable for consistency from “the freedom-givers,” the Court will decree that ALL schools–even church schools– operate in accord with the values and beliefs of the government’s atheistic, anti-Christian religion. No one should be surprised: God was not banished to keep schools religiously neutral. In a world created by the Almighty, that is impossible. He was booted to make room for their preferred deity. A nation can serve but one God, one ultimate authority. You can tell who that is by finding out just who it is they believe makes people free.

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