Continuing War on Testosterone

Rev. Steve Schlissel - October 27, 2017

A public high school freshman told me today that bullying is NOT TOLERATED in the school system. I find it remarkable that gliberal edu-crats earnestly believe it appropriate to punish certain behaviors AND they believe punishments will result in individuals controlling themselves to avoid punishment. That is a very radical–RIGHT WING–point of view, isn’t?
For all the frustrated bullies out there, I propose designating “Bully” as a gender and bringing its expression under the protections afforded to other “undesirables.”

Speaking of the war on testosterone, and the astonishing, ever-increasing number of incidents designated as “workplace sexual harassment”–is it not a freak of nature that every single incident occurred completely apart from ANY sexual signal from any female? Can it be that not one single female is employing her newly won sexual freedom? Apparently. Women are 100% sexual equals yet are NEVER so much as complicit in these workplace indiscretions. Period (pardon the expression).

Never mind that placing males and females in continuous close contact is INESCAPABLY going to result in “sexual advances,” the wonder of it is that the criminality is repeatedly identified as having consisted in the making of advances which were “unwanted.” So, on the one hand, these morons demand unlimited, non-covenanted sexual abandon, and on the other, treat male initiation as culpable and criminal. PLUS, they have ruled out the very possibility that men could/maybe/might be RESPONDING to any of myriad signals known to emanate, from time to time, from the female of the species. Fascinating. What we are left to believe is, our equals NEVER initiate–not even in prompting “wanted” advances. Who can make this mishmash match any known reality?

Where is the “equality” and how do we ALL keep missing its appearance, anywhere? The world has apparently changed more than anyone imagined. Or perhaps it’s just that there are lots more liars. Not to mention, the Gwyneth solution is diligently suppressed. She told her boyfriend–and he put an end to the “difficulty” with a single conversation. Yes, I know feminists HATE such solutions, rooted as they are in reality, but if it’s women we’re being directed to care about, a true problem-fixer ought to be celebrated. Don’t hold your breath.

I hope it escaped no one’s attention that the gliberal answer to bullying is to bully. Tell me you didn’t miss that. When they say they “won’t tolerate” they are threatening, promising misery. That is because liberals are CONSTITUTIONAL liars. All that distinguishes them is a fundamental commitment to make believe, as here. They are NOT against bullying. They bully!! N9, they are against one thing: Christianity. Do you get it yet?

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