Fair, Balanced and Impartial Reporting

Rev. Steve Schlissel - June 27, 2017

Time Magazine, covering the June 14 attack on Republican members of Congress and their aids (6/26/17, p.12), manages to make the event a proof of the goodness of Democrats while blaming the event on Republicans. The shooter, James Hodgkinson, wounded five. He was a political activist and had been a volunteer for Bernie Sanders. Rather than stating that plainly, Time wrote that “his name appeared in the volunteer rolls of (Sanders’) presidential campaign.” Like magic! This puts distance between the shooter and the party he believed he was shooting for.

But if Hodgkins act is not connected to the ideas and values of Democrats, then whence the shooting? Time explains, it “was just another symptom of a creeping national disease.” Named Donald Trump? They didn’t say. But they didn’t need to. Every word they wrote after that moved the act further from the Democratic party, its heroes and its ideas, and moved it closer to Republicans and Republicanism. “Every week,” Time whined, “debate gives way to violence…Protesters attack one another,” citing Berkley. But in Berkley the attackers were gliberals and socialists and the attacked were conservatives. Why bother mentioning that? They also cite violence (bumping) by a Republican who got elected in Montana. The anger leading, in their vacuous heads, to this attempted murder, was clearly blamed on Republicans, and it “has gone too far.”

Lest you wonder if Democrats and their outrageous rhetoric and decapitation “humor” might be cited as playing a part, you’re reassured by Time that, “when Democrats learned of the shooting, they gathered together in prayer for their colleagues.”

That the wounded would die? They did not say. But know this! –When the GOP House Speaker said, “an attack on one is an attack on all,” even saintly Nancy Pelosi rose (“for the first time EVER”) in agreement with a Republican’s remarks. Angels. Just angels they are.

You BELIEVE these liars?

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