Hush Little Babies, Don’t Say a Word – Til Mama Tells You What it Means

Rev. Steve Schlissel - July 8, 2017

A fine instance of the outsized arrogance of the New York Times. From whence did they derive the right to characterize the transition from Miss/Mrs. to Ms. as a manumission from BONDAGE? Did they conduct a scientific survey of the English-speaking world–or even of the USA–in which women were ASKED to characterize this religio-political usurpation of our mother tongue? And during this survey, did the women spontaneously arise to express their profound relief at having been set ‘free at last’ from the insufferable burden of Miss/Mrs.? Of course not.

And so, with all the other linguistic machinations of the equalitarian cheerleaders for death. They PRESUME to talk for select groups, putting words in their mouths, or redefining their words into what they insist they OUGHT to mean. Of course, this sort of imposed rule is placed under “Paternalism,” a pairing intended to reinforce the mythical connection between maleness and (any) illegitimate exercise of power. “Paternalism” evokes a chauvinistic celebration of insensate, chest-pounding power mongering, most often connected with colonialism. How about squeezing “maternalism” to make it sound like that which harbors at least as much malevolence?

I understand that many Christians continue to live outside the realm of awareness of how flagrant the revolutionary cooption of language has been, the realm nearest “Identity,” led in most cases by the NY Times. But I submit this article to you now so that you may SEE IT. The convention of designating women Miss or Mrs. has now, by raw fiat, been declared an insufferable BONDAGE–no matter what women might think. You can’t take women’s word for it.

After all, what do women know?

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