It Says in the Paper: June 21, 2019 – Part A

Rev. Steve Schlissel - June 22, 2019

by Irving Tremellius

It says in the paper today that the Feds have successfully forced Walmart to agree to pay them $282 million in order to settle charges. What charges? The Feds say Walmart, in order to carry on business, paid bribes in several countries (including China, Brazil, India and Mexico)

The deal caps negotiations with the US government which have gone on for years, following charges that the world’s largest retailer ran afoul of US government rules when it, for example, paid bribes to Mexico to get permits to build stores there. The fines and penalties are going to an entity (our federal bureaucracy) which suffered no direct harm from Walmart’s alleged deeds.

Sooooo, Walmart is getting fleeced by bureaucrats here for getting fleeced by bureaucrats elsewhere. Makes perfect sense. Huh?

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