It Says in the Paper: July 2, 2019

Rev. Steve Schlissel - July 3, 2019

It says in the paper…

Why am I CERTAIN there is no human possibility that the moral destruction of America will be meaningfully abated? How about this?—

The nation that embodies consumerism in its most active and toxic, most virile and viral forms, had repeated opporunities to express disapproval– with no cost or loss to themselves– of the ignorant and systematic disrespect of America and its virtues. These disdain sessions consistex in public displays led by Colin Kaepernick and his NFL player followers. Week after week, they openly flouted American tradition, defied the flag, were irreverent toward those who bought with blood the very liberty the protesters were using, and used it to publicly pour their bile on Old Glory. It mattered not that each of these ungrateful clowns hadn’t the dignity to be thankful for political liberty, but how about the fact that each had become a millionaire here, though working with IQs ranging from 11 to 42. Cursing a nation that bestowed glory on these vermin should have prompted sane people to at least be determined to bestow no further reward. But the simple, simple act of turning off NFL games was too high a price. What does that tell you?

Then, Nike determined to reward the ringleader even more: kaepernick was given a huge shoe-endorsing contract. Well, surely, America’s 200,000,000 christians determined to buy shoes from one of the other outstanding manufacturer’s? Nope. Nike “gambled” on patriotism and faith being a worthless commodity in this republic. And they won. Nike shares kept growing.

Now Kaepernick told Nike they shouldn’t sell a USA-themed sneaker which featured an early version of the American flag. Surely Nike said, “Now you’re going to far, bimbo brain.” Nope. They yanked them, in effect agreeing that America is evil. And what may we expect now from consumers? Absolutely nothing. Their patriotism, and where present, their Christian beliefs, are held by them in the lowest possible esteem. They wouldn’t roll over in bed to back up something they SAY they honor. They’re good for nothing anymore except to be trampled. And it will happen. Mark my words. It is OOOOVER.

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