Just Wait Until Your Secondary Provider Gets Home

Rev. Steve Schlissel - September 17, 2017

Have you ever noticed that single Black moms and anti-liberty Asian schoolteachers are the only disciplinarians whose physical impositions upon children are (often, not always) regarded as socially tolerable–or the stuff of humor? (One Black MMA fighter quipped that he’s afraid of no opponent in the cage, but his mother is another story.) This phenomenon is an instance of our civilizational loss of testosterone–and our despite of the God who is.

The IDEA that a command or limit ought to be honored/ submitted to–OR ELSE (painful consequences) — has virtually disappeared. Newspaper and magazine articles tell how we are to reason with 4-year-olds about how warmly to dress or what they’d be better off eating (or not eating). And every difference of mind is huddled into a category for which a spate of manipulations is supplied as the “right way” to handle autonomous insurrection. That the same estrogenous techniques govern all workplaces is not news. How to control others without the thought or mention of ouchie contact–or any inviolable expectation–is S.O.P.–except in matters deemed “politically” incorrect, of course. Then there is an instant requisition for a visit from Torquemada.

One of the more interesting losses from our current, shortsighted and dumb field of view regarding discipline and expectations and self-control is the Biblical way of seeing which attributes to FATHERS the sort of leniency, pity, compassion and toleration we’ve been instructed to associate with Mama only. Now, the confusion is easily resolved–why, it plum –when the picture encompasses time and clarity–vanishes: a rule clearly laid down, with violation bringing swift, certain and inescapable pain from papa AT THE BEGINNING of the rule’s effect, permits life to obla-di obla-da without confusion or frequent episodic (paedogogical) violence.

But we seem to be born of the species with a special aversion to distinct fatherhood and all instances of it which bring to mind consciousness of the One for whom “all fatherhood in heaven or on earth derives its name.” Thus, whether a solace or not, it’s right thinking which recognizes that the disappearance of “Just wait till your father gets home” is a phenomenon which only gets “Well, of course-d” when connected to the words of our Lord Messiah who explained, “It’s because they have no love of God in their hearts.” Since his arrival on earth, the testament, but for mighty grace, seems ever to be: When it comes to a visit from the Almighty, “there is no room at the inn. He’s out.” A culture built on reciprocal love with God, LOVES fathers. A culture which regards Him suspiciously or contemptuously will try to mommy-ize every last standing reminder of a God who knows and commands and enforces RIGHT. Every day the notices are posted. This rejection of God is in the “No room for Daddies” column.

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