Morality = Hate, Part 1

Rev. Steve Schlissel - March 12, 2018

Have you noticed that moral sensibility is identified or equated with HATE? Anyone with viable (i.e., alive) moral convictions; anyone unwilling to jettison the idea that Right and Wrong can and should or must be applied to sexual acts or propensities or habits, will be condemned as hateful. The range of sexual activities or choices which may be safely presumed to be regarded as “unacceptable” (i.e., WRONG) and which may be spoken of (in public) disapprovingly–that range has shrunk to near zero.

One might think it is good news that SOMETHING remains listed under the “MORALLY WRONG” heading, but the smiles fade when it is discovered that there is no fixed consensus concerning what specifically ought to be unquestionably included in that “worthy of condemnation” category.

It has, as you know, become yawningly routine for people to be accused of HATE simply because they fail to APPROVE of certain sexual choices of, or certain sexual proclivities favored by, others. This phenomenon does not get nearly the attention it deserves. After all, it may be the first time in Western history where refusal to instantly affirm a NEWLY permitted behavior has been treated as obviously worthy of condemnation. In all other cases of moral change, default condemnation attached to the INNOVATORS. Now, apparently, wisdom is in such rich supply that we are expected to unquestionably favor and follow those who openly defy any cherished and long-held societal standard. The revolutionary must be presumed to be RIGHT, and anyone reluctant to endorse the innovation is obviously and damnably WRONG.

Still, why is refusal to acquiesce thought to be HATEFUL? Why has, “We don’t agree,” been exiled as an acceptable status designation? The answer to that question requires recognition that our current crisis is NOT merely a conflict of political viewpoints but a conflict of religious worldviews.

The religion being vanquished is Judeo-Christianity. The newly conquering worldview is ANTI-Christianity. The old religious view was broadly but fixedly hierarchical: God, man, woman, children, animals, plants, inert matter. Anti-Christianity is first and foremost egalitarian. It is the absence of mechanical equality, devotees of the new religion believe, which is the source of ALL our problems. For them, the attainment of it governs ALL our designs, activities and plans today.

In this idiotic view of things, abstract equality is the holy of holies. All sexual activity is not only equally moral, but the perverted sort is especially to be esteemed because, if it is good for nothing else, it is obviously good for putting the old religion out of business.

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