Morality = Hate, Part 3

Rev. Steve Schlissel - March 12, 2018

Now, beloved friends of God, understand that I am not seeking in this brief 3–part post to explain everything. Though it may appear as if I’m meandering between and among diverse or even unrelated thoughts, I assure you I am trying, instead, to treat or explain ONE thing, viz: Why it is that refusal to APPROVE of homosexuality and other sex-related sin is now regarded by proponents as HATEFUL.

I am not looking to disagree with, Amen or augment St. Paul’s deeper treatment of this behavior, for example, when he traces it along the path of the historical tug of war between the true and KNOWN God, on one side, and His recalcitrant, idol-loving fallen image-bearers on the other. Nor am I looking to present a fresh condemnation of sins of this sort. The purpose of this 3-part piece is solely to reflect on WHY any refusal to extend approval of THESE SINS is immediately indicted as an instance of HATE. You may be uninterested–which is fine, or you may disagree with my conclusions–ditto. But please do not lasso what I offer here and do it the disservice of making it into some other argument not being made at all. Gracias.

Now, homosexuality has been advanced in our day as (what we might aptly call) a terminal fruit of egalitarianism. The worldview out of which its arguments arise is as far from the Christian worldview as possible. In fact, where homosexuality is accepted normatively, Christianity CANNOT BE. Why this plain fact is not immediately recognized by every church leader, accompanied by explicit Mt. Carmel-like defiance, is certainly scandalous.
Do not let the complacency, complicity, cowardice, ignorance or stupidity of high-profile Christians or quivering Christian leaders fool you, though. Calling that behavior “the gay lifestyle” is a miserable attempt to perfume feces, figuratively and literally. (Amazingly, many Christians would find this sentence more offensive than the reality it refers to.) Homosexuality is behavior embodying the very antithesis of any and all legitimate

Christianity. No one has misread the Bible so badly as to come away after reading it imagining homosexuality to be countenanced in its pages or tolerated as a legitimate or acceptable behavior or licit alternative lifestyle.
Every acceptance of homosexuality–or any part of LGBQID04TL7–is a rejection of God our Maker and Redeemer. Calling homosexuality “right” is, inescapably and in every instance, a denouncing of Christianity as wrong. May I assume you have noticed that egalitarians in general, and homosexual advocates in particular, waste no time pretending tolerance for the Biblical worldview? Whatever transitional form might be observed now, the Supreme Court’s establishment of homosexuality as RIGHT (in Windsor and Obergefell), and its condemnation of opposition to it as intrinsically, inherently evil (BECAUSE discriminatory) MUST BE INTERPRETED as a decree announcing where we are heading. Where is that? To a one-for-one “place exchange.” Perversion is welcome–officially–in the Public Square and in all manner of common life, and opposition to it forbidden. Christianity is stuffed into that proverbial closet from which the perversion so recently emerged. In the closet you will not find any functioning rights, not even the right to be offended.

The egalitarian worldview has been called the “Anti-Christian” worldview since at least 1848 and, for all its inadequacies, it remains the handiest succinct designation of the religion which birthed homosexuality as a “civil right.” The prophet who warned most urgently against that worldview was Groen van Prinsterer, who labored for God and truth in mid-to-late 19th-century Holland. Listen carefully to Groen’s dispassionate and painfully logical explanation of antiChristianity’s inherent consistency:

“Just as all truth rests upon the truth that is from God, so the common foundation of all rights and duties lies in the sovereignty of God. When that sovereignty is denied…what becomes then of the fountain of authority, of law, of every sacred and dutiful relation in state, society and family…What reason can there be that I obey and another commands, that the one is needy, the other rich? All this is custom, routine, abuse, injustice, oppression.”

With the elimination of God from the Public Square, there is set in motion a “principle of dissolution…that does not cease to operate until all further division” is stopped for having come to “the individual,” as the ultimate and unchallengeable authority. All religions will be “tolerated–with one proviso”–that the decrees and morality of the State be reverenced. Any who oppose it will be banned or crushed.

This is nothing other than the apostasy of the West, having moved so far from our great God and Father that we unashamedly embrace the alternative to God first offered by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. “Don’t for a moment imagine that you have to accept HIS code. Defy Him and decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong.” The penalty for heeding that lie was and has always remained: death.

But let’s back up just a tad. When arguing against homosexuality, we are attempting to reason with human beings bereft of reason. St. Paul describes them this way:

“They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts. Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more.” – (Ephesians 4: 18-19)

The cannot appeal to God to justify their sin. They cannot point to any society in human history for a precedent in defining homosexual relations as worthy in every way of legal recognition and benefit. Even their precious Evolution is against them as it is predicated entirely upon the notion that the meaning of life is in reproducing, bringing your DNA into the terrain of the future. This is just one more area in which they demand extraordinary exemptions and exceptional privileges, contributing NOTHING to humanity except decay and dead-ends.

Having worked out their atheistic “equality” principle down to the individual and his supposed SOVEREIGN and unchallengeable right to choose, the ONLY “argument” they can make is to attack you for HATING them. Because they are defending perversion based on their own pretended claim to divinity, the only reason they can posit for your opposition is hatred. Failure to approve of their almighty choice means YOU are sinning against their deity, refusing to submit to THEIR sovereign demand to HEAR what they will, and ACCEPT it. By refusing their pretense of divinity, we are perceived by them as having virtually admitted we are not fit to live–at least, not among them. And so, the great exchange is completed. The Living God may not tell them what to do, but they, as the new pigmy, puny gods, may tell everyone else what they MUST believe and do. In their mental corruption, attributing our opposition to their self-destruction to hate, they are doing us a FAVOR, giving us an out, buying us some time.

Time is running out all right.

“When they said, ‘Repent!,’ I wonder what they meant?”– L. Cohen, The Future.

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