Net “Neutrality”? Not – Part 3

Rev. Steve Schlissel - April 13, 2019

Just to complete the end of Part 2: I mentioned how Leftists strip nationality and citizenship from people (in keeping with their conceit of defining or redefining anything or everyone at will). They do this not in accord with an objectively consistent, available-to-all standard but rather, in effect, by way of a whatever they want whenever they want it sort of “rule.” Naturally, this makes interaction with them entirely unpredictable, for how could others know when Leftists will operate according to this or according to that standard.

In this way you can see that communication has been rendered by them unlikely or impossible. In one instance they might hold to features of reality which all had once been taught to recognize and honor, as it dealt with aspects of individuals we were not authorized to confer or withhold (rhetorically or really). Instead, we (because of their hardness of heart) may no longer expect to begin discussions using definitions which are reserved to God alone. Sanity and safety may require that people submit to God’s prior right to delineate what may be predicated of whom and for what reason, but Leftists find such submission inconvenient and unacceptable. They reserve to themselves the “right” to verbally decree a real status upon individuals from whom God, in His providence, has obviously and lawfully withheld that very status.

To solidify this, see Acts 17 where the Apostle declares, “From one man He made every nation of men [ASV] to dwell on all the earth, having determined their appointed seasons and the bounds of their habitation.” That magistrates might lawfully, under God, regulate who it is that may be regarded as lawfully abiding in a “habitation” (a country) is evident. (See, e.g., Romans 13; 1 Peter 2).

But now see that Leftists reject every Divine prerogative and are daily seen arrogating to themselves those (and all other) rights. It’s all rooted in the way they see this world. Even the consistency in their inconsistency is not to be credited to themselves. It is the Lord showing us they are utter fools.

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