Religious Advertising

Rev. Steve Schlissel - June 15, 2018

Lands’ End has found the feminist demand for girl STEM education irresistible. The problem, of course, is not with girls attaining competence in a field of their choosing. The problem is, it is presented as if there is no choice implicit in this propaganda which demotes marriage and family to second place, an afterthought, or undesirable. Girls are virtually forbidden now to daydream about their wedding day, their husbands or their babies. Their biology is being tailored to fit the new religious agenda, which bears more than a passing resemblance to pure Soviet communism. The home has no master, or I should say, mistress. There are no FAMILY dinners, built on love and care and sacrifice, for Mom’s value is FIRST outside the home and in her net worth.

We are committed to the absurd fantasy that mothers at home with their biological babies are a second-rate choice and then, ONLY a choice–not a necessity. Meanwhile, the evidence mounts in scar-filled testimonies to the real cost of Mom’s absence, but the only voices HEARD (as in MainStreamMedia) are in denial. In order for the love of most to grow cold, the chill must begin in the female of the species. We are nearly frozen already. The prospects for a Mommyless society are not chipper. But then, perhaps the girl in the jumper will discover a formula to make people believe they were mothered, even though Mom spent all her time at the lab.

Notice too how glib and blithe those worshipping the State become with each presumptuous step they take. Give them an icon and it is immediately added to the totem pole, no critical thought or evaluation of what it represents hinted at–or permitted.

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