Roe vs. Wade’s Sacrament of Abortion

Rev. Steve Schlissel - October 18, 2018

“Abortion is the sacrament and Roe v. Wade is holy writ. This is why we have to have World War III every time there is an opening on the Supreme Court.”

Ann Coulter’s words, offered twelve years back, are simple, clear and TRUE. And they are the ONLY words needed to explain exactly why we Americans were forced to endure the absurdities, lies, manipulations and histrionics of the fortnight just past.

How plain must it be in order for people to GRASP that the recent play had NOTHING to do with an alleged assault, NOTHING to do with Kavanaugh-character–past, present or future–NOTHING to do with women being believed/disbelieved/ ignored or honored? Miss “Blasé” was not shoved onstage to become a cause célèbre, but merely a distraction. To the Democrats who created her, she was/is a stage prop, an inorganic piece of fleshy furniture pulled out of storage to serve their agenda (for which, see Coulter, above).

Their native tongue–Freudian–is characterized by liberal use of such human accent marks, especially in instances where they suspect that attaching a face to one of their insane fabrications might impart the suggestion of relevance to humans.

Ms. Ford’s only function in the theater of Democratic “argument” was as a divertissement, a symbol to occupy attention. In this way their real work of preserving that precious right to murder inconvenient children could proceed…. off-camera. Every person and agency which spent all or most of the last two weeks in amassing reasons to believe or disbelieve Ford and her story has EARNED the placing of their name on the “This movie was made possible by…” page.

The immediate and proper course for the Republican committee majority–upon the revelation– was to have told Feinstein in unambiguous terms that it was a pity she sat on her bomb past its expiration date. There was a time for it to be put legitimately–and privately–before the committee. And it was in her possession during that time. But that time had passed. Period. End. Finis. However, IF procedure demanded a debate, that debate would be ONLY be permitted to determine which “No-cameras” location would host the matter’s further treatment. The “no cameras” clause would, of course, abolish entirely any utility of the custom-made scandal–which would have facilitated a much sooner, though not less fitting, burial of the whole of it.
The sharper pain of this sad affair is that Republicans are not one bit better prepared now than before Blasé to deal with the next extravaganza from the Liars’ Party. And that there will be a next is a certainty. Why? Because Democrats DO NOT HAVE honest arguments for their goals which they would, at this time, dare to make before a listening America. Yet, thanks to Republicans’ enthusiastic response to the Dems’ “call notice,” that day of reckoning (i.e., when gliberals will say, “I reckon I can speak honestly now”) has gotten much closer.

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