Should We Fear Another American Civil War?

Rev. Steve Schlissel - October 27, 2018

I would answer “Yes.” And I would place the lion’s share of blame squarely at the feet of America’s Main Stream Media (MSM). Not a day passes without the unthinking thought police demolishing any dreamy notion that we will, anytime in the near future, become a people ready, willing and able to dialogue about anything of significance.

MSM IS the Democratic party’s NONSTOP propaganda machine. Let’s take an at-hand example: the arrest of the alleged bomber, the one who had sent crude “explosive devices” to select gliberals and committed NYTwits earlier this week.

The “news” coverage today included numerous pieces castigating conservative pundits who had the temerity to hold fast to their suspicion that this misdeed was done under a false flag in order to harm Republican outcomes in the near midterms. I am disinterested in whether the particular pundits under MSM attack are very clever or paranoid. What IS of interest is the “argument” of the NYTwits concerning this point.

To wit: The conservatives were attacked as irrational dumbbells enslaved by factless conspiracy theories. The commitment to an underlying false narrative, they explain, causes these evil right-wingers to give credence to all manner of unverified propositions and notions which do not have to agree with facts and life, but only with their core, undemonstrated wishes.
Understand, that very well might be the case. But MSM shows their hand by their inability to conceal their own core belief, the ground presupposition in terms of which all particulars are BYTHEM interpreted. Can you guess what that is? It is this: That the would-be bomber was prompted, and was doing his deeds, in the service of his leader, President Trump, who obviously shares fully in whatever guilt attaches to the suspect. Evidence of Trump’s culpability? Zero. Why, one might think they were reading blathering emanating from a “commitment to an underlying false narrative,” one which caused these evil columnists and reporters to give credence to all sorts of unverified propositions and notions freed from the obligation to agree with facts and life, as long as their blubbering is consistent with their core, undemonstrated wishes. Hmm.

Get it? Conservatives are evil and willful, slaves to a narrative. The evidence to establish this ludicrous claim? None. It is simply OBVIOUS to MSM, so obvious there is no need for citations or proof. But isn’t that the very mindset they condemn as controlling the right-leaning pundits? It is.
Who gets to DEFINE for the entire public just which is the “correct” and acceptable paranoid delusion? MSM. And it is this way every day on every issue all day long from every major outlet.

The really corrosive damage done by this method is to leave logic, evidence and rationality entirely out of public debate. It is well-established that gliberals do not offer arguments; they offer emotions across the board. This deprives us of the only means by which a constitutional republic can endure. Think “case vs. Kavanaugh.” The Constitution, our covenant document which lays down HOW we will rule ourselves, is kept clean out of their view. The only time gliberals appeal to it is in its revised, reinterpreted estate, where penumbra rule.

The War Between the States had sympathizers for the “other side” on each side. But overall, states could align for or against a cause. Today, even though we have coastal lunatics with a great normalcy still alive in fly-over country, the coastal monopoly, their perfect lock grip on MSM, means that every issue is by them defined for all. And he who defines wins. I haven’t seen much willingness on the part of conservative Christians (the demographic of my heart’s concern) to refuse–really and firmly–these demonic devices of the NYTwits.

But then again, Trump won. It WILL be interesting.

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