The Co. That Shot Liberty

Rev. Steve Schlissel - August 27, 2019

This piece requires serious, laborious thought and consideration. In other words, the price of profiting from this report is beyond the means of most, despite the rather clear truth that what is here dealt with is a real, and an almost incalculably enormous, problem.

Of those who capable of digesting the material and ordering it properly, few are inclined to weigh its import beyond its benefit or harm to specific pet views, party interests, or narrow agendas. Then, those so inclined may, understandably, already be wearied beyond words, too weary, in fact, to rouse themselves to meaningful action.

Isn’t it interesting that, as we watch Western Christianity, i.e., historic Christian civilization, winding down toward zero, we have the greatest force for good in all world history dying, but it is dying without sufficient spectacle to garner any genuine, meaningful interest. Good is perishing sans even a sense that the indignation which should fill our nostrils and news columns is not merely missing, but it is not even slightly MISSED. That says to me that we are already dead.

Have a nice day.

And yet, for all that, I nevertheless urge this material upon any and all who a) love the idea of liberty, and b) hope someday to have great grandchildren who had been instructed about the mechanisms which figured prominently in liberty’s demise. Let me add what should go without saying: That anyone could imagine liberty surviving robust Christian faith, is evidence that our EEG flatlined before our EKG. Thus, all talk of freedom-loving not rooted in Lord-loving is folly and deceit.

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