The New American’s (Rootless) History

Rev. Steve Schlissel - September 7, 2017

Have you considered: How the gliberal obsession with increasing new immigration and raising the percentage of Americans with no roots in America, harmonizes with their core beliefs, comports with their strategy and moves them closer (they think) to their goals?

First, they despise the past in general and America’s past in particular. Judging past heroes by what they believe are their new and improved values, they are not only willing but anxious to blot out every shred of our actual history, whether memorialized in public statuary, special days or historical documents. New Americans, unlikely to learn anything regarding our moral selves, that is, our development and growth marked in key historical events and persons, unlikely to soon own these lessons as their own if their education is in government schools, show themselves the gliberals’ ideal population. People with no connection to or understanding of who we are and what we’ve been through, will not utter a peep for its being erased entirely.

Second, they are ripe for the NEW, “improved” understanding of an American system which is conveyed as if nothing but a valueless, wealthy enabler, a facilitator and guarantor of individual rights to hate God, engage in every perversion, and suffer no ill effects, including, above all, no disapproval under penalty of law. America not only likes the role, but is determined to become, Satan.

Third, a rootless people under the tutelage of those controlling the (information flow of the) present, and which therefore controls the past, will become great soldiers to help usher in the gliberals’ vision of unreality, which is a synonym for death and destruction. Proverbs 8:28 never goes away.

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