The Untold Cost of Feminism – YouTube Commentary

Rev. Steve Schlissel - October 27, 2018

Reunited with his brother after four years…and his Mother. You can bet your life her life was her children (though apparently circumstances forced her into labor market). No other way to cultivate this kind of love and loyalty–nothing else like it on earth. A huge man reduced to a helpless, cringing blob of tears crying, “Mama!,” just for SEEING his Mom.

The untold costs of feminism have eviscerated our lives–and we continue to allow the liars to describe the terms of the debates. Let this be a reminder of what “two career” homes can never yield. Children have been paying the costs of “homeless homes” (homes with no anchor–no Mom) for a looong time now. In the 60s and 70s the feministas swore they were not devaluing moms. Somehow I can’t picture Ruth Ginsberg’s kids having similar reactions. Barbara Bush enraged them once when she warned, in effect, “On your deathbed you will not regret missed days at the office, but you will rue missed times with your family.” She was disinvited from speaking at events hosted by the Guardians of Tolerance.

Kids without two parents and thus ( a HOME), grow up to be Demoncrats.
P.S. This is not an invitation to debate. It’s an invitation to weep and mourn.

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