The Wall Street Journal is NOT Your Friend

Rev. Steve Schlissel - March 10, 2017

The Wall Street Journal is NOT your friend. Sure, it lags behind the NYTimes in consistency, in vociferous and festering hatred of God and all things right and holy, but against the iterations of atheistic socialism that have nested on the front lines of the religious war (called culture wars by the unlearned), they are in lock step. (And how many metaphors can YOU mix into one sentence?)

But seriously folks–look at the prominence and color the Journal devoted to this trashy, sparsely attended gathering of gush. No one knows WHY these “hips don’t lie” liars did what they did, what relation it bore–if any–to that “why”–nor did any spokesMAN make the slightest sense of the non-event. But Schlissel will help you interpret this new phase of the Woman’s Lip Movement.

First, understand WHY they held “A Rallying Cry for the Women of the World.” Long-term, it is to overshadow (or replace) Mother’s Day. Some of you may be too young, others may have forgotten, but the Lippers, when picking up steam in the 70s, swore up and down that they completely affirmed women who chose to be homemakers. The Latin phrase for those pledges is, “Bacillus Bulfosis.” From the beginning, the ONLY real goal has been the destruction–as in obliteration–of the family, i.e., a family of two parents, one of whom is a mother, and that to her children. So insidiously successful has this campaign been that you’d have a hard time finding even one little girl today who will express her ambition as growing up to get married and raise children.

Second, the fixed method of communist ideological indoctrination starts with taking parties covenanted in a defined relationship, setting them at each other’s throats, offering Marx & Co. (along with other, up-to-date envy specialists), as the ones with the solutions, and they’ll complete the bamboozle through political manipulation, revolution and, if needed, bloody takeover.

So, ask yourself: Has woman EVER been without man in this world? Why are men missing from the “rallying cry”? Because the fundamental presupposition being pushed is that woman may NOT, ever, be defined in terms of her relationship to a man. Never mind that nearly every woman on planet Earth spends her life–FREELY and without external compunction–doing exactly that HERSELF. Speaking of which, the hair brains on the page 3 follow to these beautiful color pics, offered a “protest of Trump as president,” as one of the reasons for the oooh-so-special day. But MOST WOMEN voters in America VOTED for Trump. Why don’t THEY count as women? Go figure it out and don’t ask questions until you do. Just understand, the female lefties in this brigade FELT NO DISCONNECT.

Lastly, the actual goal of every one of these sham events is singular: forced redistribution of wealth, which, when it arrives in full, will play Taps for America. These geniuses cannot think past their fantasies. Suppose all wealth was redistributed equally today. Would everyone be equally wealthy next Friday? No, really? So, what will save us when they discover it didn’t work? The answer is, the very thing hiding behind this and similar puerile stupidity. And that thing, a nightmare to the sane but nirvana to slaves-in-mind, is a permanent statist apparatus to insure perpetual equality–for all who are not part of the apparatus. Some, you see, will ALWAYS be more equal than others.

In short, this event was nothing to celebrate. Even if it WAS, it was a failure. Look at the lies right there in the blurb: “From New York to Nairobi to Mexico City…” That covers a lot of real estate. Was it observed similarly “From…to”? Of course not. These are sensationalist sentiments, the sorts of sentences these women like, sentences that are not meant to convey truth, but to generate fuzzies. Period. Did I hear someone say, “Fake news”?
Don’t forget, all the ridiculous demands these chickens could make have ALREADY been enshrined in legislation. They keep speaking about MORE but when pressed, they cannot think of anything they haven’t already been given, except blind redistribution. But since that doesn’t YET sound too good, they disguise it. Only blindfolded morons–and certain theologians–could miss it.

They fudged, too, on the impact of their certified dumbest portion of the event: It was to be a “strike,” given the fuzzy title, “A Day Without Women.” (The more you look at this tripe, the more it seems women ran it–they couldn’t make up their minds about ANY of it!) All they could boast, in the end, was “some schools [in Washington, DC] were closed”–perhaps. Dunderheads. If they REALLY want to be missed, declare “A Day Without Women” which includes starving all babies and refusing to change diapers. Wanna get noticed? That ought to do it.

If left to the WSJ & Co., you may count on them doing all they can to see that callous day arrive. These folks are NOT your friends.

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