Wall Street Journal: Friend of Trump or Truth? Think Again

Rev. Steve Schlissel - October 28, 2018

Think the Wall Street Journal is a friend of Trump? Or truth? Think again. They are every bit as Fake News as the rest of MSM.

Ann Coulter spent an entire chapter in her latest book, “Resistance Is Futile,” chronicling the media-created fable that Donald Trump “confessed” to personally sexually assaulting women in the instantly infamous NBC 2005 tape (released JUST before the 2016 election) of The Don talking with Billy Bush. The problem is, Mr. Trump said no such thing, made no such an admission.

What he SAID was that, when you are a celebrity, “women LET YOU grab them by the such and so.” He did NOT even say, “They let ME do this.” You might even say; it was a complaint about the degrading power (and results) of celebrity culture. But when the statement is about what a woman will LET someone do, that is hardly, in any shape or form, a confession of a sexual crime in America in 2018, or 2005. When it is a general observation and not a personal confession at all, it should NEVER be reported as if it was.

Yet, in the 10/27/18 WSJ on Page A10–that is, in TODAY’S PAPER–the WSJ is still at the lie, reporting on the “damning footage…in which Mr. Trump boasted of grabbing women by the genitals.”

What is their problem? Isn’t two years long enough to get the facts straight? Is the WSJ simply disinterested in accuracy? Or are they completely apathetic to matters of truth or reliability or journalistic integrity, being content rather to ensure they are honorably enshrined in the Resistance Hall of Shame. They are disgusting in stooping to this–and myriad other forms of–untruth in every edition of their use-to-be-well-written rag. They LIE. Daily.

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