What to expect at Messiah’s…

While we are eager to clearly explain God’s will from the Bible, we have zero interest in trying to make it more palatable to people who hate its Author. WE are on trial, not God.

And rather than encouraging people to join the church, we are sure Jesus prefers that we discourage them — urge them to count the cost before committing to anything. And that goes triple when the commitment in view is made to and before God. (See Ecclesiastes 5:1-7)

And we are unashamed to believe the Reformed Confessions, regarding them as extremely helpful, probably more so now than ever. We actually read and discuss them, confident of their value to help us grasp how beautifully the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament constitute a univocal testimony from God Almighty; how Jesus Christ is revealed in both, and how God’s Law—i.e., His every Word—remains the clear, doable, perfect and complete will of God by which our lives must be governed. All this, even though God and His Word are scornfully dismissed without a glance by modern, ignorant ‘know-it-alls.’

There’s lots more that makes us what some might call weird, but you can probably get a sense of the whole package by listening to one of the following recent sermons delivered to the people of Messiah’s. You might even listen to two or three, if you have a lot of time. Or a long trip.

We suspect that sermon-listening might help you decide if you’d find Messiah’s insufferable…or a blessing. That is because…

We are what we teach:

Visiting Matthew V – The Lord’s Law on Law (Listen Here)
March 8, 2020

Visiting Matthew III – Adam Redux (Listen Here)
February 23, 2020

Notice: The minister has allergies and sometimes coughs like a maniac.