What Don’t You Understand? You Get What You Deserve

Rev. Steve Schlissel - September 29, 2018

Professing Christians: What don’t you understand? Twelve years ago, Ann Coulter observed:

“When a Democrat is in the White House, Republican senators vote by huge majorities to confirm extreme left-wing lawyers to the Supreme Court—such as former ACLU lawyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. When a Republican is president, Democratic senators turn every Supreme Court nomination…into Armageddon.”

From “Godless (The Church of Liberalism).”
Anyone working through ‘the he vs. the she’ deceived, a functional dolt unable to hear the only binary screaming for our attention: Them vs. Us. What easy, compliant, pathetic, willing sheep ‘social mediocre’ Christians have become. Please don’t breathe a word in my direction about whom you believe or what you think is fair, blah blah. When the magician says, nothing up my sleeve, those busy checking the contents of his sleeve are patsies who will never learn where the trick is played.

In our system, the American system, you get what you deserve. And if that doesn’t scare you, read Psalm 50.

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