50 Observations – 8 Years Later

Rev. Steve Schlissel - April 7, 2017

I am sending this 8-year-old post, NOT expecting you or anyone else to carefully read it. Rather, I’m using it as an occasion to move out from my mind something I have, since November 9, 2016, so far found to be an immovable compound-notion: a) The idea that we are a United States is a patent falsehood. b) it is not possible to negotiate, meaningfully confer with, or genuinely compromise with gliberals. c) they want nothing of us–except our money, to continue to fund their project of making the world into their sexual Disneyland of death and disease and destruction. d) that anyone seriously disturbed by that project needs to face the fact that it continues and shall, unless we extricate ourselves from it by pursuing, with the likeminded and sane of our land, a legal redesign of the territory to be called the United States. e) that such an entity bears more than a nominal connection to the one which had been founded in 1776, particularly in a continuity of MEANING holding for the words used in our founding documents, in perpetuity. If application becomes manifestly undesirable or impossible, change the words, rather than to arbitrarily or cavalierly alter their meanings.

That any of this should materialize is low on the likelihood scale. Nevertheless: However long is the period we may enjoy with Republican majorities, this is a time which needs to be used toward the aggressive development of realistic options that hold a promise of peace, and which, when joined to obedience to God’s Big Ten for us, offer a justifiable expectation of prosperity.

What you are reading here is not offered as one of the 50 reasons for Peaceful Secession Now, which you might find attached. Rather, I’ve been meaning to post something which calls upon Trump voters to squarely face what they have heard and seen from the roving (and truly representative, foreboding) pack. Since November 9, you MUST recognize, must not rationalize, may not dismiss:

We have been confronted with ABSOLUTE PROOF that the war for America’s soul is being taken with the utmost seriousness by only ONE side in that war–the WRONG side. How many have pointed out the contrast between the conservative acceptance of Obama x 2 and the Gliberal tantrum and braindead fury over the election of Trump? –How many have noticed it while COMPLETELY bypassing the meaning, the lessons in the comparison? We who may rightly be said to be on the right, ARE right. And there is little that could serve more powerfully to underscore that than the utter irrationality of our opponents. These are people operating out of irrational fear and pumped emotion. They are exactly the kind of people who support the gliberal agenda BECAUSE proof of failure does not impress them as a good reason not to try more of the same. Their hatred of Trump is in nearly all instances vacuous, empty-headed sloganism with no empirical content. It is also dishonest: in all cases I’ve seen, their fits and tizzies are connected to one thing–a morbid fear that a Trump presidency might mean that they might have to hear a single 2-letter word which induces in them nausea and a murderous rage–the two letters being n and o (the word is NOT “on”).

These are people with a make-believe worldview, one which does not include freedom of speech. How could it? Their agenda is a naked king. “Freedom of speech” cannot in their system be accorded to any mention of any truth which they regard as a threat to their agenda. If all speech is free except truth, what do you suppose people will be hearing?

These folks have proven that bodies can indeed act after minds have ceased functioning. They are determined to fund any pretensions which enable the manufacture, enforcement and/or perpetuation of what has, throughout human history, been nonexistent–for cause! They oppose–not the SIN which has infected Creation but the Created Order itself, especially where it is reminiscent of the CREATOR. They have been burning money to fund: a world where men and women have no differences; where abortion is the same as birth control; where dead-end homosexualism is cherished equally with that relation which alone may be reasonably expected to result in an ISSUE, i.e., generational succession, the very thing they solemnly swear in all their evolutionary propaganda to be the NUMBER ONE ‘purpose’ governing an otherwise purposeless evolution!; where the preferred policy for fighting poverty is the creation of massive debt which, to the sane mind, is a portentous guarantee that poverty will grow exponentially, and thus exercise its cold sovereign rule over a much wider swathe; where the uniform testimony of all peoples in all places in all ages at all times is seen as an irresistible reason to do things differently; where objective anatomy and our reliable senses are to be overruled or dispensed with in favor of subjective psychotic imaginings, even in the establishing of law and social policy.

Surely, we are looking at people who have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are NOT people with whom we can engage in discussion, or debate, or compromise. They want–and then they put a period. They want, and that ends every consideration. We may capitulate–or die.

Now these people, these very same people, have done us a great service by revealing their full character and their actual intentions, along with their inflexible determination to ignore ANYTHING we may say or think–or anything we may have jointly (with THEM!) done. They have made as clear as light can make something clear, that TWO CANNOT WALK TOGETHER UNLESS THEY ARE AGREED. This is God’s hand on us, for judgment, my friends. Recognize it or perish. We provoked His judgment by refusing to love righteousness and hate wickedness. He is now preserving the Antithesis by provoking wickedness to hate righteousness, in order that righteousness may wake up and remain. Everyone justly hates pseudo-righteousness and self-righteousness. But when you hear our view described as being “of the right,” you should be able to easily hear that as RIGHT-eous, i.e., as pleasing to the Creator. It’s that simple. If that is not your reason for being right, you’re wrong.

Recognize that, 1) the intensity of the reaction of these mindless ones to a Trump presidency is a pale shadow of what SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE REACTION OF EVERY SANE AMERICAN TO WINDSOR AND OBERGEFELL. A court of humans has bound itself so tightly in the grip of a disgusting hubris as to unashamedly declare to all Americans that God is wrong, AND that God may not define the cornerstone institution of human society, AND that the court itself has the RIGHT not simply to REJECT God’s definition, but also to IMPOSE in its place an idolatrous and offensive REPLACEMENT, which is itself a flat-out perversion of His defined order. This court tells every one of us that if WE don’t agree with them, WE are EVIL!! And it brings into play all the vast machinery of these “United” States” to see that we comply with their God-negating edict. Even worse, these deluded, condescending bast***s have the gall to add that we must not imagine that freedom has been taken from us, for we are still permitted–even encouraged–to imagine “in our hearts” any nice religious things that may please us. We can even BELIEVE they are wrong. We are simply FORBIDDEN, by their coercive power, from DOING anything about it. And what was the reaction to such undisguised contempt for the true God–the only God of any God-blessed-America– by the 200,000,000+ professing Christians impacted by that ruling? They raised the volume from their remotes, went to Facebook, then went to sleep. Mighty warriors. I still find it unimaginable that any American church has had room for any other theme since those mournful rulings. What will move us to His cause?
When gliberals suspect they might hear a No, they take to the streets–as if the country was theirs. When a simple majority–proven clowns–pretend to overrule God Almighty, what do His servants do? They act as if the gliberals were RIGHT in their claim to ownership.

Therefore, survey the landscape: we have gliberals with convictions, especially regarding their appetites, and on the other side, conservatives with appetites and no DISCERNIBLE convictions. Bright prospects. Yet, the gliberals have extended a gift in our direction. They say, Trump is not their president. Well, about 35 states-worth of us have OFFICIALLY disagreed. I propose that that becomes our initial proposal for divvying up this pie. The states that have voted opposite to the “he’s not MY president,” should acknowledge that there is no reason to believe discussion can lead to any fruit with these revolutionaries and God-haters. So, give them what they say they want as their real world, the NeverTrump states. And we’ll keep the rest. This is a GREAT concession, a costly one. But when you consider that it could cut off the flow of dollars they fully intend to keep flowing, i.e., from our pockets to their fantasies and frauds, you may see it as cheap by half, and not in the LONG run, but right quick. Of course, we understand that Mr. Trump himself will not lead or urge a single soul in that path of righteousness. But God may still use him as the occasion for the Divided States of America to tell the actual truth. I don’t expect anyone, however red their republican banner, to DO anything like this–or any other meaningful thing.

I’m just sayin’…

(See original posted note – January 30. 2009)

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