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Welcome to Messiah’s Congregation

A Reformed Church in Brooklyn serving Jesus Christ in the metropolitan area — and beyond.

Nota bene: In ordinary times, Messiah’s Congregation gathers each Lord’s Day at 1:30pm to worship the one true God, using facilities at 251 Avenue U (one block west of the F train’s Ave. U stop in Brooklyn). Recent times, we all know, have not been “ordinary.”

Therefore, until authorities (Romans 13:4-5) slacken prohibitions on gatherings, we’ll meet virtually via a Facebook/Messiah’s Congregation live-stream each Lord’s Day at 1:30 (DV).

You are certainly welcome to join us. Bulletins–which make clear the order of service and specify the readings and psalms/hymns to be sung– are posted each Sunday at our Facebook/Messiah’s Congregation page (not on this page).

Bear in mind that start time is 1:30 NYC time, which means 12:30 Central, 10:30 for the Left Coast. However, all streamed services will *remain* available for viewing and/or remote participation at our Facebook/Messiah’s Congregation page at least until ‘normal’s’ happy face is seen smiling again.

Who knows? We might even continue streaming the worship services, if only for the sake of remotely located God-fearers. Virtual membership can’t be all that far away. (We’ve been discussing it for a decade.)

Questions call: 917-757-9297 or 917-936-8592.

The Voice of Chalcedon

Rev. Steve Schlissel interviews Rousas John Rushdoony. (1999)

1 – Creation, Darwin & Marx

2 – Fathers & Families

3 – The Sabbath, Work & Family

Messiah’s Media

Welcome to our visitors! Please enjoy “Husbands Love Your Wives!”, a sermon by Pastor Steve Schlissel.

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