All the News That’s Misfit to Print

Rev. Steve Schlissel - January 12, 2017

Before it was considered shocking to praise America in a classroom, a junior high teacher of mine told us: one difference between American law and that of the Classical pagans is that we actually believe some actions to be WRONG, whereas some ancients located blameworthiness in having been CAUGHT. I’m pretty sure that, whatever he had in mind, it was an oversimplification.

Nevertheless, his words have sure been making repeated appearances in my head as we’ve been subjected to Hillary and Co.’s wearisome soul-searching (other people’s souls, I mean), following their rejection by America last November. Every day they invent new ways to pretend. The gliberal’s adamant REFUSAL to look at truth with at least one eye open has left the rest of us–i.e., those with a reasonably healthy relationship with reality–shrugging our shoulders. Few of us had–before these events–SERIOUSLY confronted the fact that the entire gliberal agenda is composed of fantasy and make-believe: it is life as theater, across the board, in every realm and quarter. Their arguments are non-existent; recruits are enlisted by shame rather than reason, and by redefinition of essential life terms (like “marriage”) without so much as a glance at how stupidly out of step they are with THE WHOLE WORLD, throughout its whole history. What strikes normal folks as an occasion to perhaps reconsider one’s demands–like, NOBODY EVER held such a ridiculous notion to be true–is for them an irresistible reason to plow ahead.

But leaving reason and sanity on the side for a moment (unlike gliberals, who have either put them away with no intention to retrieve, or have simply forgotten where they put those things)–the daily impressing upon us about Russian hackers manipulating our elective process, and how this supposedly resulted in Trump’s victory, this (one has learned never to say of anything they do, “last ditch”) current fave, though in the darlings’ headlines daily, somehow NEVER appears with the mention of particulars.

Like what? Like this:

The claim is made that Russia wished to favor Trump and disfavor Hillary. Suppose they did. How did they do it? By bringing to everyone’s attention ACTUAL deeds done by Hillary, by Podesta, by the DNC (even to their own), and other shady characters. Hillary’s criminal-level security violations–about which she NEVER stopped lying; evidence of H using her office for a) personal enrichment (in numerous ways and by assorted routes), and b) running a pay-to-play bazaar at the State Department she headed (and left, i.e., she may have continued these and other shenanigans after her departure).

I find it fundamentally manipulative and dishonest for news media to repeatedly allege a Russian rigging without just as repeatedly mentioning, IF THE EFFORT HAD INDEED BEEN MADE–it was made by a) using TRUE information, some of which the Russkies likely would NOT have had if Hillary had been an honest citizen, and b) using information the press should have jumped on with both feet, never letting up (tenacity being the one quality we know they have in abundance). Promise you will give just a little thought to this: We are being assaulted with demands that we be desperately concerned, that we punish all Russians, for the dastardly deed of INTERFERING with our free national election, by telling us the TRUTH–conveyed to us 100% by American media– more truth than we otherwise would have known, truth we NEEDED to know if we were to make a properly informed choice.

It sounds more like press envy than sabotage.

It was no doubt due to an “Uh-oh” moment concerning my major point (above)–that left our press feeling a need to RE-CAST the supposed evil of the Russkies. It needed to be broadened so they could, um, maybe say, “Oh, they had plenty of dirt on Donald too. Don’t you see? THAT’s how we can say it was an evil plot.” Without that element, someone someday would inevitably point out that Russia’s alleged role was more or less their having played the traditional, constitutionally envisioned role of the press. Hmmm.
Among the problems with that NEW scenario, however, is a) that it really is new, invented for cause, while the Russian buttinsky stuff re: H was “known” and announced back in October, and b) the latest reports allege that our spies have spent their RECENT weeks trying desperately to confirm some kind of Donald-dirt held by the Russkies.

In the end, GRANTING Russkie meddling! every day, by what is said and unsaid, we are expected to believe that Hillary’s defeat was completely unrelated to any WRONGdoing on her part, but solely because she got caught. And for that, we are supposed to blame the Russians. To some minds, that sort of activity is called, “News coverage,” something which calls for *gratitude. * Read it yourself.

In fact, Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

All the news the misfits print.

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