Go Kanye, Young Men

Rev. Steve Schlissel - April 26, 2018

Mark your calendars. Kanye West has recently launched a series of rockets carrying payloads of sanity gas. IF these weapons of mass construction reach a significant portion of Mr. West’s tens of millions of admirers, and IF the message they bear is heard and correctly interpreted, they have the potential to undo mega chunks of the brain damage done by egalitarian swamp creatures.

Yes, those are hefty ifs. But when sanity rockets are sighted flying over a landscape devoid of critical thinking, and where thinking of any serious brand is not merely wanting but scorned, observers can be forgiven for wondering IF, what in other circumstances would be greeted with a yawny “That’s nice,” is, in our ‘post-everything’ West, a just cause for wondering if Godot might not indeed be en route as we speak. If I were to place my two cents on any assessment of Mr. West’s wearing of a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat, it would be one steering clear of extremes and superlatives.

If, however, someone insists upon making MUCH of what Kanye West is representing in his current pose, I’d urge that someone to focus on two aspects guaranteed not to disappoint anyone hunting for the extraordinary: The first is Mr. West’s courage, the second is the pressure being poured on him by all gliberals and NYTwits to cash it in and cave. Surely these make this a story to keep an eye on, perhaps a story justifying prayer for Mr. West. (Yes, that he not cave, but more, that he refuses to be satisfied with any narrative stopping short of Messiah. No other name can make Kanye–or anyone– “free indeed.” And if the story interests you, make sure you look into Candace Owens–praying also for her.)

(End of Part 1. Part 2 is a maybe, depending upon readers’ responses.)

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