Trump and the Assault of the Know-Nothings

Rev. Steve Schlissel - July 3, 2017

Nothing makes me more supportive of Donald Trump, President, than the unceasing, broken-brained assault on him waged by the know-nothings who are the last to know THAT rather important fact (that they know nothing).

This began, as you know, during the campaign as something I first figured to be honest, though inexcusable–for media members whose job it was to know–cultural misunderstandings. I would go back to look at his exact words instead of the way they were presented, drowning under the hysterical adjectives the press surrounded them with. I found that in most cases, Trump had simply spoken unexceptional, mundane New Yorkese– the daily fare in these parts. But surely, they knew that–they’re here too!!
Alas, the unconscionable attacks on him by the press have become a fixed and complete perversion on the media’s part wherein they DELIBERATELY and consistently, with no let up, twist his words, mangle his meaning, completely fabricate his motive(s), then further debase everything so as to insure nothing of accuracy or truth–NOTHING–remains between President Trump and their reports on him.

Today’s example: A total meltdown and freak out, charging Pres. Trump with “extraordinary attacks,” “crude…coarse…graphic…outbursts…” which have “Reviv(ed) Cries of Sexism”!!! Good grief, I thought, what did this idiot say now? So, I looked. And I looked. And I read. And I read. Could this NOTHING has generated this collapse?

Listen: This is the WHOLE OF IT:

Two MSNBC morons who have never let up in their treasonous attacks against our President, apparently in service to their hopes of full-blown revolution, had a few words thrown back at them by the Prez. It became an issue AFTER objective, no-ax-to-grind, cool and detached newsman-girl Mika Brzezinski, out of the blue issues a sweeping denunciation of a hardworking FIRST officer. She “derided the President as ‘lying every day and destroying the country.'” Since she is supposed to be wedded to truth, were HER words scrutinized, attacked, Traced to an “-ism”? Ha!

So, Trump shot back by Tweet (an account he’d do well to close, but not as though the press would pull back) at her and her boyfriend, referring to them as “low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe.” Though I do not watch tv, I’ve seen the two clowns he shot back at on screens at airports and doctors’ offices and I find his description restrained. But the NY Times and its agents have made this the Number One story, front page, “continued on”… stuff. It is supposedly SEXIST!!, degrading to women, blah blah. Psycho Joe has been left to dry by them as they work their “-ism” poison as deeply and widely as they can. And get this: the broad in question already lashed back with an Instagram attack against the American President, alleging that the he has tiny genitals. We must trust that she’s investigated the facts personally and knows. But is there anything in Mika’s assaults worthy of rebuke. No. Not in our press. Not a single word suggesting impropriety. Her attack is NOT sexist, unacceptable, discriminatory, unprofessional or demeaning. Not at all. It’s more than okay with the NYT–with them, it’s just GREAT. Dare I speak of sauce for geese and sauce for ganders? Nah. Tiny geese, fat ganders.

The whole bizarre affair, repeated ad-nauseum on moderately slow news days, is simply another proof that we are not the UNITED States in any truly meaningful sense. For these warring comments are daily spoken out of irreconcilable worldviews. It is no longer possible to have CIVIL discourse. Yes, there’s plenty of blame to deposit on both sides. However, the fact I wish to stress is, even if Trump became Millard Fillmore Presidential tomorrow, nothing would be done to bridge the divide. All retreat has been rendered impossible. It is going to get nothing but worse. Christians don’t even grasp the significance. And no one clamors for faithful news sources.

Good night.

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