It Says in the Paper: June 21, 2019 – Part B

Rev. Steve Schlissel - June 22, 2019

by Irving Tremellius

It says in the paper today that gender reveal parties have become the rule for many expectant Americans, and the gimmicks used to make the gender known are becoming more elaborate and expensive.

The problem with this trend, of course, is how it flies in the face of the latest set of demands from the demented, God hating, woke revolutionaries intent on destroying what’s left of our Christian civilization.

Not only are blue and pink (in newly abundant forms) the fundamental means employed to communicate the news at the parties, but the fact that the colors number just two (as opposed to, say, the 52 genders Facebook users were once encouraged to choose from as their own) is, inescapably, a hug of the normal while a defiant dismissal of the insanity being incessantly shoved down every American throat. At a time when “pronoun revision” and enforcement have emerged from America’s contested toilets to settle into seats in board rooms and executive chambers, about-to-be-moms are saying “less is more and three is too many.” How NORMAL! Whether the moms don’t have the energy to walk the “politically” correct walk just to make room for such profound “Duh”-ness, or they simply don’t care, is not clear.

Thank the Lord that, whatever the reason, sanity still somehow manages to show up here and there, now and then. And speaking of which, I mustn’t forget to note the entire absence of any concern to distinguish between “sex” and “gender.”

Speaking of which, I hope to write a small piece on the sudden ubiquity of the phrase “sex assigned at birth.” This new favorite of the Hateful Destroyers is REALLY stupid. By imposing THAT phrase as the preferred designator of the two–and only two–“sexes”–they are going high risk. The phrase invites a dangerous consciousness to develop among the zombie-brained overturners. To speak of a life-determining element as something which had been ASSIGNED at birth, well, how long can it be before hordes of the hellhounds find themselves confronting the implication inherent in the phrase: Assigned by Whom?

Evolution has not proven sufficiently plastic to comfortably own such a PERSONAL characteristic. Something ASSIGNED inescapably suggests an ASSIGNER. There is sovereignty in there. Yet that is precisely and exactly what the gender-benders have put their brains in storage in order to escape. It is ever hard to kick against the goads. Or the gonads.

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