“Law” as Selective Suggestion

Rev. Steve Schlissel - May 22, 2020

A larder full of implications, a commentary upon what we have become. Law and policy are no longer determined by Almighty God, nor objective reality. Nor are laws supposed to be binding upon all alike. Instead, right and wrong, together with actual enforcement, will henceforth be determined solely by what identity politics’ darlings indicate are within the realm of things they are willing to comply with. This effectively means right and wrong are defined ex post facto. This is unimaginable at any prior period of American history.

And it is but one component drawn from a spate of proofs that abiding, lawful justice has been replaced wholesale by..by what? An outrageous and insufferable, unpredictable, arbitrary tyrrany. Measures were put in place supposedly so that we ALL might be rescued from consequences of irresponsible behavior (*as the tyrants themselves had defined things*).

But after “the law”the was put into effect, the darling preferred class preferred not to abide by the recently enacted practices which just a few weeks back were declared “necessary for all our health, necessary for the safety of our very lives.”

So what then? What indeed! Read this WSJ paragraph (5-21-20, P. A11A) to learn “Just what next”!!! Why, a REFOCUSING (who can keep up with the ever-expanding glossary of weasel words?) on other practices which, the puppets in power today think, or hope, might be more popularly received.

But if not, no worries–if the “right people” defy enforcement of what is made the new focus, that too will be sacrificed, along with the entire population, favored and unfavored. Is this any way to run an airline? Sure, if an unbounded increase in fatal crashes is not too concerning. But this anti-just insanity is the only way Atheism knows to govern. Think!! If right and wrong, good and evil, are not anchored in a transcendant realm, if they are not received by all, recognized as necessarily meant to govern ALL alike, that means the SOURCE of all law is from BELOW. Comforted? I hope not! No society predicated on chthonic forces–arbitrary ones at that– can long survive. It can’t even “keep the peace.” So work out the syllogism, please. If the peacemakers are blessed, Democrats are accursed of God. They are. They are. Read the paragraph again.

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