Mental Illness Media

Rev. Steve Schlissel - July 8, 2017

A hoodlum, punk, criminal–a darling citizen who had punched a cop in the face, sold drugs near a school, in & out of prison for 15 years, most recently an eight year-stint for robbery, on parole since 2013.

A beloved community policewoman, a black woman who spoke fluent Spanish, took care of her mother, raised her children, and was credited with 76 arrests including 23 felons in her 12 years of service.

On July 4th said punk pulled a gun, aimed it at said officer’s head, pulled the trigger and assassinated her. Thank God he was killed by police when trying to up his tally later that evening.

The omniscient New York Times is unable to muster moral outrage over such petty annoyances as the cold-blooded murder of heroic servant-cops. Their indignation is reserved exclusively for, and fully spent on, matters Trump. This episode is resolved by platitude: “And once again the city was plunged into mourning over a targeted police killing that appeared to result from a swirl of mental illness and anger at the police.”

You read that right. No personal responsibility. No evil doing. Just a swirl of mental illness, and a pregnant suggestion that the police at least share responsibility for the other “swirl,” that is, of anger directed at them.

If the words are not designed to be read that way, ignore everything I say. If they are, we are seeing the NY Times once again poised as the provocateur-spectator, the one which washes its hands in police blood even as it preps the city for more–an inevitable consequence when responsibility is removed from the manifestly guilty and transferred to fabricated swirls.
If there is anger in me, it is not for police but for the unindicted co-murderers at a certain newspaper. You know, the one where each edition brings new flourishes of evil, and the swirls of mental illness abound.

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