Politicized Weather Notice

Rev. Steve Schlissel - January 31, 2019

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday’s front page reported on the “brutally cold temperatures” middle America would have to endure for a few more days. The explanation? The “shift of a frigid air mass.” Why, I wondered aloud, were they careful to call it a “temporary shift.” Isn’t ALL weather “temporary”? Of course. But the Journal wants you to be assured that you may still panic over “warming.” Come to think of it, have you EVER heard a climate alarmist speak of the phenom they dread as TEMPORARY? Show me weather that isn’t. No. This is reporting in deference to an agenda, one which fears that people may allow their experience to serve in their interpretation of reality. “Don’t you dare! We’ll tell you when you can let your frozen bones instruct you.”

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