Question Authority! (Says Who?)

Rev. Steve Schlissel - April 13, 2020

We are perplexed to learn of many self-imagined “mouths for God’s Law” condemning and denouncing or defying the policies of our civil leaders concerning their efforts to mitigate deleterious consequences  of COVID-19. Their jobs may be burdensome and trying, but ours, as citizens under their lawful rule, is simple. This is not rocket science. Their calling certainly includes the matter they hope their actions will effectively address. Thus, they are God’s appointed instruments.  Our part, therefore, is to honor God by honoring their good-faith efforts. They need not be perfect–or even RIGHT–in all their prescriptions. And, needless to say, a free people need not extend extraordinary deference of this sort PAST the time of extraordinary threat (i.e., it is NOT “Do whatever they say to do whenever they say to do it” –not at all).

We may be “righter” regarding this or that, but ours is not the authority. Therefore, pray God guides. People who sincerely recognize God’s authority and love it, along with all His attributes, should find their path a clear one. Do what the lawful authorities direct us to do and make their job a pleasure as far as we are concerned. Sadly, it appears not a few (who sure love their own wisdom), when they talk about obeying God’s Law, instead really mean, obeying whatever they agree with. But that, after all, means it was never God’s Law they were obeying– at any point.

The plague of egalitarianism has done more destructive, corrosive damage to the American Christian character and spirit than Corona could ever do. Honor those given rule over you.  Unquestionably, our submission is valid and called for during times of crisis, concerning edicts and policies pertaining to interests legitimately in the task bag of duly appointed authorities. Less griping and more praying would be more suitable–and more recognizably Christian.

-Pastor Steve

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