Stop Reading Schlissel!

Rev. Steve Schlissel - January 12, 2009

You can certainly do without him.

The easiest way to find that out is to read the following book (click the link to be taken to it). Revolution and Unbelief, by G. van Prinsterer, translated by H. Van Dyke, is the single book to read for anyone wishing to understand our current circumstances. Revealing egalitarianism to be far more than simply an application of a principle of democracy, van Prinsterer identifies it with blazing clarity as ANTI-CHRISTIANITY itself.

The CRC—by itself—has proven these contentions, as God and His Word have been systematically rejected in favor of the Revolution. (The CRC has NOT reached bottom—I say this merely to illustrate the outworking of van Prinsterer’s observations. It can be viewed.)

Do you know what this means? You can see a prophetic analysis of Western Civ from the mid-19th century and then follow a precise unfolding of the fulfilment of that analysis and its concommitents. It is astonishing, vital, necessary, and the only thing you’ll need to understand, to understand the times.

And the Times.

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