Study the Bible with Pastor Steve: the Meandering Minion

Rev. Steve Schlissel - January 10, 2011

Good day Friends!

Wanna join us live for a Bible Study in NYC with Pastor Steve Schlissel?

Well, now you can—depending on the meaning of the word,”live.”

Messiah’s announces its maiden effort to bring some new technology into the service of the King: A live-streaming Bible Study at our new internet channel MessiahsMedia*, broadcasting Tuesdays, 7:30 pm eastern. Just visit MessiahsMedia* at that time and we will be there!

And check this out: there is a live-text-chat feature on our channel for viewers to ask questions during the program! (or you can email me directly at

We will also be archiving the studies for repeat broadcasting at times more convenient for our friends in other timezones. (But for now, if you want to participate in the live Study—be there or be square—Tuesday evening, 7:30 pm Eastern.)

Before you go…it would make a significant difference for us if you’d *click here first*, so you can express your support for Messiah’s Ministries thru Paypal. With every wicked agenda having free shots at our faith, we think it’s pretty important that the faithful sustain those few voices who are shining a light, illuminating the times for us so we may know what to do. Don’t you agree? So please, show your support today? Thank you very much.

*if you have trouble with either link to the live Bible Study above, try this in your browser:

Yours and His,

Craig Lawrence Bavinck (I wish!) Brann

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